Padden Cabins An Affordable Option

Need more room?  Running out of space?  A Padden Cabin is just for you!  

Padden Cabins are your local transportable building experts. You can make one to order or pick one off the yard.  These are an affordable option in getting that extra room you need.  Why go through a costly renovation when you could have a Padden Cabin.  This is your answer for an office, sleep out, teenagers retreat, crafts area, man cave or if it is just storage you are after we can always make a shed.  

Having a licensed  builder building you your Padden Cabin gives you the confidence to know that you are buying quality you deserve at prices you can afford.



Perfect little cabin for your backyard built by Padden Builders        >CABIN 3.6 x 2.4 Padden Builders with there massive crane placing three of our perfect cabins made by Padden Builders

Padden Builders Funky Sheds that will fit perfectly in your backyard        FUNKY SHEDS 3.6 x 2.4 Three portable cabins perfect for your worksite or backyard

Perfect Portable Cabin for your kids room or office made by one of Padden Builders talented Builder Located in Whangarei     CABIN 6.0 x 3.0 One of our Exquisite cabins with a large sweeping deck made in whangarei by our builders at padden builders

Padden Builder lifting massive timber to build a comfortable  cabin

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