Padden Cabin - 6m x 3m

These are great for that bit of extra room required for the extended family over the holidays or make the perfect batch accommodation. 

The 6m x 3m Padden Cabin. comes with  Zincaloom roofing and Shadow Clad exterior with a 2m x 2m ranch slider, 2.6m x 1m slider window (at back of cabin), 800 x 800 frosted glass window (side of cabin where bathroom can go) and a 1m x 800 window (next to ranch slider). The exterior has already been stained for you and it looks fantastic with the Karaka green joinery! 

Cabins can be finished with a bathroom and kitchenette or anywhere in between! You get to decide, we can do as much or as little as you want. 

These are all built by a licensed building practitioner so you can buy with confidence knowing that the product is of great quality. 

We can build to order too so if this isn't what you want let us know and we can provide you with a quote. 

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an awesome wooden finish on this medium sized cabin made by our builder at Padden Builders